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As a business owner, you must move forward while using technology and systems that align with cost savings and efficiency improvements. Today's business environment rewards those who can act faster and more efficiently.

We give:

Enterprise Resource

If you have no ERP, you probably operate on different software that does not allow interaction. The use of different software does not allow customisation as per your business needs. We help to overcome these challenges through our partnership with SAP.

Our SAP experts leverage SAP implementation to make the right business decisions. We provide you with a range of expert SAP services to meet your business needs, guided by AMITY experts with an end-to-end life cycle management from design, build and implementation.

AMITY can draw on a global talent base to help clients obtain niche skills and free up internal resources for strategic projects. Our SAP consultants provide a wealth of business vertical knowledge and technical expertise to meet your short-term goal realization or long-term TCO reduction needs.

SAP Cloud

Tap into the rapid innovation that the cloud enables and adapt your processes quickly to ever-changing market dynamics and customer needs. AMITY helps you to manage your entire business. Departments like Human Resource, Finance, Customers and Procurement, etc. are managed through this tool with the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio.

With AMITY, you get:

  • Advisory cloud readiness
  • Process assessment
  • Gap analysis
  • Implementation
  • Rollouts
  • Integration
  • On-premise to Cloud Migrations