Official SAP Partner With
VARs Credibility

License Sale

Ever since SAP developed the ERP software, the demand has been on a constant rise. SAP then, over the years, decided to make official partners who will implement and support their software to various companies. These partner companies came to be known as SAP partners.

Amity Software is an SAP partner for implementing and supporting the SAP projects in various companies. But, apart from that, there is a special class of SAP partners called Value Added Resellers or VARs. VAR is a group of SAP partners who are resellers for SAP. This means the companies who cannot directly deal with SAP to purchase their license and tools can make use of the services of VARs and purchase that.

AMITY is a VAR who is authorised to resell SAP licenses, implement the projects and support the customers in the cloud and on-premise.

How Are We Good
With VARs Credibility?

There are several software development organisations spread across the globe but the reputation of SAP is unmatched for the last 3 decades. The quality, responsibility and reliability you get from SAP are to be found nowhere else. Therefore, whenever you decide to upgrade the solution, you should prefer to opt for the SAP products.

Out of hundreds of SAP partners, there are not many who have completed successful implementations of SAP products. Moreover, not everyone is authorised to sell SAP license due to complicated processes and a scrutinised screening by SAP. Hence, if an organisation has earned the status of VARs, it implies that SAP has recognised its technical expertise, acknowledges its mechanism and finds them worthy to aid SAP in their endeavour.

Why Purchase From

Amity, since we started implementing, have successfully implemented SAP products in 25 different companies spread across many industry verticals.

TOur team of in-house experts have a dominance of cement industry, FMCG industry, seed industry, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, fertilizer industry, trading industry and many more. We have sold SAP licenses to over 30 companies.