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"First successful implementation partner of SAP HANA"                              Sucessfully completed implementation in Ray Plywoods (K) Limited                              Customized solutions provider for West Kenya Sugar Co. Ltd.

SAP Practice @AMITY

SAP experience like never before!!

AMITY partners with SAP to help Clients operate with greater agility, make effective & faster business decisions and collaborate with increased mobility around the world. AMITY, along with its international arm AMITY, is a channel partner of SAP for providing a portfolio of ERP services to its customers in India and East Africa.

Our SAP Partnership ensures companies in East Africa and India with easy, quick, and cost efficient SAP roll-outs. With the kind of expertise that we have gained over the years, our clients will experience SAP like never before.

We offer innovative solutions in SAP to Clients across industries and geographies, together with competitive pricing and flexible delivery models. We duplicate the business benefits gained in one continent to the other.

With imminent plan of partnership with SAP USA, AMITY has already recruited SAP consultants for its customer base in the USA.

AMITY bundles its in-house developed products together with SAP to provide end-to-end services to its customers. This will enable our esteemed customers to have one stop shop for all its application needs. Our customers can also benefit from our template for integration between SAP and other in-house products.

Our Value Proposition:

  • Domain Expertise: Our domain expertise across the product/Solution development value chain coupled with our rich legacy of research, design and innovation provides our partners with a competitive advantage and the ability to always meet business goals.
  • Global Footprint: Our experience working with partners across all continents from North America to Africa and Asia provides us an edge and unique perspective which we apply to our approach and problem solving capabilities.
  • Operational Excellence: People, processes, and technologies are integrated and optimized to deliver operational excellence 24x7. Our best-practice methodologies and focus on continuous improvement will add value to our clients.
  • Innovation: Our aim to drive innovation across all levels both externally and internally. This is achievable by combining domain expertise with cutting-edge thinking and technology to develop innovative solutions that differentiate us in the market.
  • Results Oriented Partnership Model: We also understand that no two clients are alike. We therefore make significant investments in understanding each of our clients and adopt a decidedly partner-centric approach that helps us understand and solve the challenges that businesses face.


Enterprise Consulting Services

Enterprise Resource Planning:

To truly move forward as a business in a competitive environment, an organization must progress in its use of technology and systems as they can lead to significant cost savings and efficiency improvements. Today's business environment rewards those who can act faster and more efficiently. Many organizations face major challenges in their efforts to become smarter, better-run businesses.

Consulting Services

An organization that has no ERP will be running on many kinds of software that do not allow interaction. Customization also may be difficult in some cases. This will negatively affect the optimized functioning of organization's business activities. AMITY can help to answer these challenges through our partnership with SAP.

SAP experts at AMITY understand how to leverage your SAP implementation to help you make the right business decisions. Our wide range of SAP consulting services offers you a complete range of expert SAP services to meet your business needs, guided by AMITY experts. Our Counsulting services for ERP provide a end-to-end life cycle management from design, build and implementation.

AMITY can draw on a global talent base to help clients obtain niche skills and free up internal resources for strategic projects. Our SAP consultants provide a wealth of business vertical knowledge and technical expertise to meet your short-term goal realization or long-term TCO reduction needs.

SAP Cloud Services:

Tap into the rapid innovation that the Cloud enables and adapt your processes quickly to ever changing market dynamics and customer needs. AMITY helps our clients to manage their entire business � HR, finance, customers and procurement � in the cloud with the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio.

SAP Cloud Services

Service Offerings:

  • Advisory � Cloud Readiness, Process Assessment, Gap analysis
  • Implementation and Rollouts
  • Integration
  • On-premise to Cloud Migrations

Implementation Services

Our SAP implementation services are enabled to make your organization leverage benefits throughout the enterprise with consistent performance & success. Our expertise extends to the entire SAP business and technical landscape. Work with a team that has relevant industry experience and a proven track record in project delivery. Projects that lack the right implementation methodology face an increased chance of budget overruns, delayed rollouts, excessive system downtime, or complete failure.

Hence we offer two different implementation methodologies that may suit to your business:

1. Accelerated SAP (ASAP) Implementation Methodology:

ASAP stands for Accelerated SAP. Its purpose is to help design SAP implementation in the most efficient manner possible. Its goal is to effectively optimize time, people, quality and other resources, using a proven methodology to implementation. ASAP focuses on tools and training, wrapped up in a five-phase process oriented road map for guiding implementation. The road map is composed of five well-known consecutive phases:

  • Project Preparation
  • Business Blueprint
  • Realization
  • Final Preparation
  • Go-Live and support


2. Rapid Deployment Solutions Implementation Methodology:

In order to deliver cost-friendly solutions that address the customer's core business processes in a short time requires a defined implementation methodology. The rapid-deployment solution implementation methodology sets standards and ensures that all SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions leverage, share and re-use the best practices thus enabling repeatable and cumulative success. In order to ensure each rapid-deployment solution implementation uses the standardize approach.

The rapid-deployment solution implementation methodology has 3 stages:

  • Start
  • Deploy
  • Run

Upgrade and Support Services

Due to the multiple challenges faced in most organizations of escalating SAP support costs and limited internal staff, companies are looking at partners to reduce maintenance costs and augment existing support teams with external teams with pre-defined SLAs and professional ticket management to arrive at on-time solutions.


SAP support services help you troubleshoot, maintain and enhance the efficiency and uptime of your SAP solutions. We deliver support on a proactive, reactive or project basis, with built in flexibility. AMITY Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) has met SAP's rigorous requirements for providing high quality and high value support services.

We deliver:

  • Timely, consistent and high quality support delivered by our experienced consultants
  • Flexibility in support contracts and pricing
  • Reduced maintenance cost through reducing system administration complexity
  • Integrated delivery between technical and functional consultants covering all areas of SAP
  • A dedicated, long serving team who intimately know your business and SAP system

AMITY SAP ERP Upgrade brings together proven methodology and experience in upgrading to SAP ERP. Our consultants ensure an optimum upgraded SAP solution specifically designed for your business needs that exploits new features available in the upgraded version. SAP upgrades begin with an appraisal of the landscape present in your organization. Reappraisal of the current landscape ensures that it is aligned with your organization's strategic roadmap.

Types of SAP Upgrades:

Technical upgrade:

The objective of a technical upgrade is to achieve all goals that are within easy reach while minimizing impact on the business.

Functional upgrade:

A functional upgrade's objective is to improve the business processes of the organization, in addition to the upgrade of its technical environment.

Strategic upgrade:

The objective of a strategic upgrade is to ensure the adoption and deployment of web services, i.e. Enterprise Service-Oriented Architecture (ESOA), to create immediate differentiation and competitive advantages for an organization.

AMITY offers dependable roll-out services to clients. Solution Rollout involves the re-commissioning of SAP implemented templates that have already been implemented at another location.

AMITY offers SAP rollout services with well-defined tools that would reduce rollout time frame greatly. Our approach is to create a master template based on the reference business process for the client. Majority of the already carried out settings are implemented based on the previous implementation.

Businesses get the best out of their SAP applications by integrating them with other systems thereby developing end-to-end business processes.

We help reduce costs and increase performance of your application investments while avoiding the challenge of a drawn-out, expensive and complicated project cycle.


Managing risks associated with defects can be challenging for businesses. Automating and accelerating SAP testing will guarantee quality, functioning and consistency of SAP applications. This also reduces need for manual testing, which is error prone and time consuming.

By reusing test assets, we will help you get the best out of their SAP implementation.

SAP Business All-in-One

SAP Business All-in-One is one of our key areas of operation for midsize or fast-growing small companies that need to optimize their business and outperform competition solutions. It is the most powerful, industry-specific solutions available to midsize companies and used by over 13,000 small and mid-sized companies in more than 50 countries. We use a cost conscious and business case centric environment.

We work with our clients even before the signing of contracts. Many customers suffer from being "sold" something that is very different to what the project team arrive to deliver. Our consultants work with you from the pre-sales activity to know the system and help the client in evaluating the ERP. Thus a clear understanding of the system helps in quick implementation.

SAP Business All-In-On gives you the ability to:

  • Drive growth � Respond more quickly to change, enhance customer experiences and differentiate company from competitors
  • Improve efficiency � Maintain operational excellence by streamlining business processes, enhancing service levels and cutting costs and errors
  • Optimize financial management � Accelerate financial closes, increase the accuracy of financial reporting, and maintain superior cash management
  • Collaborate � Connect headquarters, subsidiaries, and business partners in one seamless network to better serve your customers and gain operational efficiency with affordable, right-sized solutions
  • Strengthen and grow insight into your business. By having direct access to real-time information, you get broader visibility across all areas of your business; you have the opportunity to uncover business opportunities, anticipate risk and make the right business decisions.
  • Take advantage of proven best practices to improve financial management, maintain operational excellence and enhance competitive agility.
  • Enhance your flexibility and agility to adapt to changing business requirements and enable you to differentiate your company from your competitors.

SAP All-in-One is an ERP designed exclusively for the SME segment. All the functionalities are exclusively crafted to meet the specific needs of a growing business. This value for money suite covers all the business modules of mainstream ERP from Financials and HR to Sales to Procurement. We help clients implement SAP All-in-One for automating core processes to improve business efficiency. This streamlines production and logistics, maximizes output, enhances networking and betters financials with better insight and tighter controls.

Business All in one

SAP Analytics

AMITY provides a complete ambit of Analytic Solutions from SAP. SAP Solutions for Analytics comprises several solution categories � Analytic Applications, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Information Management, and Enterprise Performance Management.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence:

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) practice can help release the potential locked in your organization's data to support quick and effective decision-making. AMITY SAP based business intelligence solutions deliver both trusted information and the ability to offer information-driven agility and insight to those conducting day-to-day business throughout the enterprise.

Our solutions are designed, packaged, and priced to address the unique needs of small and medium business. AMITY offers complete end-to-end data warehousing and business intelligence services, including on-site business / technical needs assessment, development and integration services and partial or total outsourcing of application implementation and maintenance.

Service Offerings:

  • Enhancements and Custom Development
  • Data Modeling and Design
  • Data Mining and Analytics
  • Upgrades and Migration
  • Maintenance and Production Support

Enterprise Information Management:

SAP Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions help you deliver integrated, accurate and timely data across your enterprise. With EIM solutions, you can:

  • Help ensure that data is complete, accurate, and accessible, to increase the efficiency of business operations and business intelligence
  • Accelerate access to business information, to optimize performance and decision making
  • Manage information throughout its lifecycle, to enhance governance and compliance

Enterprise Performance Management:

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions provide a single, consistent view of information. The EPM solutions help organizations improve strategic planning, streamline budgeting and forecasting, improve the accuracy and consistency of financial and managerial reports, develop intuitive profitability models, and support a corporate culture that values fact-based analysis. They can do all this without disrupting the existing system landscape or requiring wholesale upgrades of IT infrastructure.

Solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance:

Risk is unavoidable, but it can be managed. With governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), businesses can strategically balance risk and opportunity. As global markets continue to impose new regulations, GRC help businesses:

  • Better manage compliance and risk
  • Better protect value � proactively avoid risk events; reduce cost of violations
  • Better perform � actively link risk and performance management and objectives


In today's highly competitive business climate, immediate access to and analysis of all operational data ultimately determines the success of an organization. SAP HANA is a futuristic in-memory platform for processing high volumes of operational and transactional data in real-time. It enables organizations to predict future scenarios more accurately and plan precisely. HANA also includes a programming component that allows a company's IT department to create and run customized application programs on top of HANA, as well as a suite of predictive, spatial and text analytics libraries across multiple data sources. Because HANA can run in parallel to a source SAP ERP application, analysts can access real-time operational and transactional data and not have to wait for a daily or weekly report to run.

AMITY offers complete range of service in HANA. We provide detailed information about HANA and elucidate how it can be a value addition to your organization. We collaborate with our clients to identify their problems and needs. We offer detailed proposals that would include recommendations of business process improvements, target desired landscape, implementation roadmap and project plan.


Service Offerings:

  • HANA feasibility studies
  • HANA landscape setup and configuration
  • SAP Business Suite on HANA
  • Predictive analytics for every industry

Industry Specific Solutions

We believe that there is no single standard solution for all the industries; hence we create industry based templates with industry specific best practices and processes,

What is an Industry specific Template?

Solution Templates preconfigured for your industry to meet specific IT requirements and spanning the entire operation to provide superior insight to running your business more profitably. These templates have pre-packaged business scenarios, training, and documentation for faster implementations and lower costs.

Advantages of Industry specific templates:

  • Fixed price, fixed timeline and rapid implementation.
  • More time to tune on business operations enabling us to improve efficiency and profitability of your firm.
  • Ubstantial reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Our Industry Specific templates:

Sugar Industry

Sugar Industry

Seed Industry

Seed Industry

Edible Oil Industry

Edible Oil Industry

Plywood Industry

Plywood Industry